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Does anyone else remember at the beginning of the pandemic just how frightening it all was?  Just the word “pandemic” is scary. It was during this time while being confined at home that I began to feel anxious….uncertain about what was happening, how we would all be affected, what the future would hold…..the news was constant and it was dreadful.  During my conversations with family and friends, I realized that I was not alone with these feelings.

I prayed that the Lord would calm my fears, remove my uncertainty, and help me to remember that He is always in control.  I also prayed that the Lord would use me to help others during this time…..I didn’t know what that would entail….just that I wanted to be of help to others.

It wasn’t long after, I began to put my thoughts to paper.  I had never written before but suddenly I felt moved to do so……actually I felt it with a sense of urgency.  My  first writing was about Peter; the fear he must have felt as he stepped out of the boat in the midst of the storm, but his faith pushed him forward.  That writing seemed very appropriate in the midst of the pandemic…..

I have continued to write……to share what is placed on my heart.  I believe it has been the answer to my prayer.  Writing has certainly served as an outlet for my fears and I feel the subjects/thoughts are “given” to me.  I am hopeful that the Lord has used me and will continue to use me through my writings.  It is my hope this blog will brighten your day, lift your spirits, and provide some encouragement and peace.  Most importantly, I hope that you will hear God’s voice and the message He is conveying.  It may   be my writings……but all the glory is His.

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